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SINCE Computers began operating in May 1996, with the Proprietor and Technical Director, Peter Philpot, having over 20 years experience in all aspects of desktop computing.
An electronics nut, and mathematical whizkid, Peter built his first computer in the seventies, a Microbee 32K. The memory cost alone was over $1000.  If prices were the same today, then computers would cost over $1,000,000 (1 million) just for the RAM.
That is why we created 2 digit dates - “The Y2K bug”!!

In the early eighties, having mastered hardware, Peter began programming.  First in BASIC, then moving onto assembly code and machine code programming. It was during this period that Peter developed the first graphical version of the card game “solitaire” for a computer, which was published and sold nationally.

14 years military service, in the Royal Australian Army, which included the maintenance of sensitive electronic equipment (often in extreme environments, from dusty warehouses to tanks in the desert) has assisted Peter in developing a highly effective maintenance program for small businesses that use computers. Throughout the nineties Peter has also attended a large number of courses and training seminars with Microsoft and various training organisations to keep up with current trends in the Information Technology Industry and is himself a certified category 2 workplace trainer.


We aim to:

New technologies make it possible

Help clients develop a clear strategy to implement and maintain their Information Technology Plan.
Obtain the maximum efficiency from the available technology
Provide the highest level of service and support to computer users
Design, manufacture and supply the most reliable computer systems possible
Yours Sincerely,
SINCE Computers Service & Support Team.

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